No more Harry Potter reading nights!

” From now on no body is going to read Harry Potter here . Especially at nights!  ” My five year old little girl announced !

And why is that sweetie ?  Unlike her brother she always have explanation.

‘ Cant you think that there are small children near and they would be scared and it would be better if I read them in my mind  ? ”  Yes these were the exact words  my little girl said .

She glared at me with burning eyes. I tried not to laugh. The last thing she wants is to be laughed it. It can really pull her nerve.

‘and I don’t want to see any book which has pages more than 20. Just look at this book . It has 22, 23 .. Disgusting !  ” She flipped through the pages to show me .  ” If you want to read loud you can read my Winnie the Pooh instead !”

It took me two days to figure out that her baby books have pages  only up to 20 at the most . Her books will be over within 5 or ten minutes. But she wants to keep fold marks  like her brother and me to continue the next day. I try to read only 2 or 3 pages at a time so that she can continue the next day.  But she has figured it out from the page numbers.

Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t meet both of them earlier in my life. The only flaw I see in myself is my short temper . Other than that I would be a sweet angel , you know. I am not kidding. Those who know me will testify that. Now  my kids  are  teaching me how to get more , just by being patient . Surely, I feel I should have met them earlier in my life.


Oct 12

No, my finding was wrong. Now she is adamant that I don’t make any fold marks in her books. Her new books will be tampered that way ! That is what she says ! But she doesn’t want to finish them in one go. May be  should make her some Book marks.

Saying about it I remember how surprised they were to see one of old book marks gifted to me by my friend. Obviously it  haven’t even occurred to them that I also used to go to school and colleges and I also had friends who cared a lot for me!


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