I like to view at my life,   from outside as if I am watching a movie. Like a different person. Sometimes I feel I am sleeping on my bed in some other planet , satellite , asteroid, comet or even a meteorite and  having a long long dream. I may wake up any moment and see that it is only a dream.

I want my dreams to be sweet and beautiful. I hate it when my sweet dreams turn into the worst night mares.

When I look from up here I can see myself  moving around on earth caught up in lots and lots of thought bubbles , People I care about bustling around with their chores  in different cubicles  . I get scared at the vividness of the sight and stop concentrating.

Sometime in my life I have learned not to get much attached to anything. That is the best way to keep yourself away from being hurt. A part of me can love every one  wholeheartedly and with the solemnness of a child. A part of me can enjoy every little thing, can rock n roll . And  at the same time there is a part which is inert to every thing around me.

I will think about it tomorrow. After all tomorrow is another day !

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