Magic and Mystery Thoughts!

I believe in the unimaginable powers of human mind! The strength of human mind to endure, bend and rewrite our destiny.

I believe in my intuitions and they have never failed. They are so never ending , some times I  stop listening to them.

I believe in Telepathy and Telekinesis !

I believe in the  magic of touch !

I believe in the power of eyes.  If I cant read your eyes then I don’t know you.

I believe in the magical powers of phoenix to rise from its own ashes !

If I had wings I would have flown across the oceans like an unicorn , if I had fins I would have swum in it like a mermaid!


I don’t believe in oral communication. So much bend out and biased . When I talk about something I will be having at least 10 opinions for  the same subject and usually I opt for the easiest one. Why take the trouble to explain if not needed ? So I don’t trust it. Instead I rely on my senses for understanding people.

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