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The mere mention of the word ‘vacation’ brings to mind the smell of ‘moovandan manga’. Even the smallest trees would have bunches of mangoes .

All the trees in the backyard would be there waiting for us to explore. I really miss climbing those trees. What fun it was to pluck all those mangoes, guava, cashew apples, kaarakka (we had one in the front).

I have even tried eating them right from the tree. With out ever plucking them. ‘Tree Fresh’!

My sister always had a tough time trying to keep up with me.

We had one ‘babbloos naranga tree’ which we used to make our summer residence. Not only did we spent our whole day on it, we even ate sitting on it. It was just behind the kitchen work area ,and there was fresh supply of food all through the day.We would make our own house in the yard, connecting trees with the odds and ends we could gather .

I would not even come home from the backyard till it is very dark to stay there. I used to make beds and all with grass and it would scratch like hell in the night 😀 It was all so fun!

All the trees , plants,birds , squirrels, everything there ,were so familiar to me! The nights were filled with our cultural programmes, dances, skits, mimicry and what not!

Thankfully there was no television then. A game of caroms or chess may go on for days. Beauty experiments with kasthurimanjal, rakthachandanam , chemparathi thali or anything we could lay our hands on.

Ice fruits, All these branded ice creams do not have that taste.

Vacation Movies, To view everyone of them before the vacation ends was a mission. Vishukaineettom would make it easier for us. The pennies we got selling karakkas and cashew nuts to local kids would add to it.

The first sound of thunder would remind us it is time to go back home. Then we would be as much excited as were to go to get back to the city were we belong. The first red bus in sight would say that we have reached there.

Appa and Amma would always have something new for us. All our plants would have new sprouts on them.

And then, back to schools and friends till next vacation!


The story line is that of a girl who grows into a woman with out her ever knowing it , chasing her infatuation almost all of her life and in due course recognizes her true love.

Gone with the wind is a beautiful classic by Margrette Mitchell with so many nice plots ,every scene appears to be so realistic and wonderful. The detailed description of  scenery and social life breathes in life into every scene. Some of the scenes  that really touched me are:

Scarlett’s talk with the Tarlton boys.

Mammy , so caring and knows girls inside out.

The Barbecue at Twelve oaks.

How Scarlett  finds it strange to see Charlie in her bed room.

How madly she wants to dance and Her dance with Rhett Butler.

Scarlett giving (tossing ) her wedding ring for the cause and Rhett Butler returns only Melanie’s.

How hardly she tries to do her hair to impress Rhett. The green hat.

How she wants to kiss good bye to Ashley and how envious she is to see him with Melanie.

Death of the Tarlton boys. Reading the list of the deceased men. Really touching!

Confusions with Melanie’s child birth.

How Rhett leaves them in mid way. This scene becomes more touching and sentimental after Rhett’s revelation.

The burned appearance of Twelve oaks.

How hard she finds her way back home only to see that her Mother is dead.

The secret love story of Ellen.

Mr.O’Hara broken mind! Scarlett’s decision to take the lead when she realizes Papa is not on his own.

I will think about it tomorrow..

Her hunger. The turnip and her retching. Her oath that she or her family will never be hungry again.

Sometimes when I mess up so badly I borrow Scarlett’s words to console myself.

“I will think about it tomorrow. After all tomorrow is another day. ‘

……….and life moves on.

How she takes the list of every thing in Tara, How she decides to pick cotton.

Scarlett and Melanie killing the Yankee soldier. Ellen’s thimble!

How Will Benteen holds her and does not let her go when Ashley comes back. ( In the movie it is Mammy who holds her back and I found it even more touching. Rhett and Mammy are the only ones who know her true self and loves her just for the same)

How Ashley couldn’t hold back his love or fascination towards her,at least for once.

Ashley’s words “Only honor to keep us here. Nothing else.”

How she goes to an unknown prison to meet Rhett, just to keep her land.

She really knows how to take care of her folks even if it means to be on edge.

How Rhett takes care of Scarllette and gets disappointed  in course of time.

I don know how many times I have read that novel.

Just love the spirit of Scarlett.

Is she Aries?

I never thought of her as a character. She is much like a real human being to me

I love how she fights against everything. How she changes all the negative impacts in her life for her own benefit.

How she never wants to accept her failure,How she holds her head high under all situations.
How she wants to be in her mother’s good list, How she adores her father,Her passion for her land….

How she keeps her word to look after Melanie and her baby; only because of her love for Ashley…….. Is this what they say Love without ownership!

How she takes care of her family,…..

How she eats at her honey moon trip with Rhet and how Rhet takes care of her !!

Sweet sweet Bonny !

It took her a life time to realize that she never really Knew Ashley and he is not the man who can keep her happy.One can only feel sorry for her.

I always end this book thinking that Rhett Butler will accept her and will love her with the same passion as she always wanted to be loved.

The Movie.

You should first read the book to fully enjoy the movie. Otherwise you would never be able to know really what each character thinks.

Usually movies based on books wont satisfy our expectations. But I think Gone with the wind is an exception for this. It is even more beautiful than your imagination.

Especially the Siege at Atlanta and all has been taken so nicely.

The cast is superb and once you have seen the movie you would forget the imaginary faces the characters  had etched in our mind while reading.

I would also have liked to see Will Benteen’s face.

My favorite character in the novel.

Scarlett. tough. Ready to face anything.

Rhett Butler is also my favorite . But one hardly knows what he thinks. So smart . Only he can manage Scarlett.

Melanie is a sweet character, but she is so weak.

I agree with one thing, even Ashley wont vote for himself. He may give his vote for Scarlett, I wonder 🙂

But I will think about it tomorrow. After all tomorrow is another day.